Kathryn Horntvedt Piano Studio

"So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning."


As a piano teacher, I am a guide to help my students develop a lifelong love of music ~ music as a vehicle of human expression, as beautiful and worthy for its own sake, as a gift to be shared.  I love working with all ages:  I welcome young beginners to the studio and also enjoy the chance to dig into advanced repertoire with older students.  As a teacher, I tend to be fairly soft-spoken but encourage my students to hold a high standard for their learning and performance.  My main focus is the classical master repertoire, though I allow the student to help choose their pieces, to motivate them for dedicated study.  I give weekly 45-minute or hour lessons from September through June, as well as optional lessons in July and August.  Group lessons every six to eight weeks during the school year give students a chance to perform for their peers and prepare them for my fall and spring studio recitals.  Students may also choose to share their music in occasional community performances, as well as participate in local festivals, exams, and competitions. Performance is optional for adult students.  Parents are welcome to attend individual and group lessons. Together we build confidence, compassion, and community among students and their families in the studio.  Being my students’ classical music mentor is my privilege and delight.

Kathryn Horntvedt, NCTM