Annual Contract

Classical Mentor music students commit to a ten-month academic year of lessons each year, as well as taking optional summer lessons. New students register when they start lessons, and current students register in June for the following academic year. Below is the annual contract which current students sign and return to the studio by September 1st, or for new students by their first lesson:

Classical Mentor Music Studio Policy

September 2020 – August 2021

1. The student will take lessons from September through June. Tuition is $135 per month for 45-minute lessons or $180 per month for hour lessons.  Tuition is due by the first day of each month. To insure prompt payment, kindly bring tuition to the last lesson of the previous month. No refund is given for missed lessons. A late payment fee of $10 will be charged.

2. Lessons will run from 9/6/20 to 6/18/21. Lessons will not be held on 12/20/20–1/2/21 for Winter Break and 3/28-4/3/21 for Spring Break.

3. Summer lessons run 6/20 – 8/24/21. All students are encouraged to take what summer lessons their schedule will allow, to insure steady advancement in their learning. Summer tuition is also due by 7/1 and 8/1, and is prorated to include only those lessons scheduled.

4. For current students, an annual registration fee of $20 per family is due in June to reserve the student’s lesson time for the following academic year. New students will pay the fee along with their first month’s tuition.

5. Make-up lessons will not generally be offered; instead, students may call each other to swap lesson times if an occasional schedule conflict arises. A weekly studio schedule including student phone numbers will be given to those families who choose to share their phone number. As a professional courtesy, please call me in advance if you will miss or swap your lesson.

6. Family members are welcome to attend the student’s lessons, as long as the student is able to concentrate fully on the lesson. Cell phone use is not allowed during the lessons.

7. The student will practice 5 or 6 days a week, from 20-30 minutes daily for first-year students to 45-60 minutes for advanced students. Popular times are before or after school, or before or after supper. Parents will coordinate with their child to manage the practice schedule.

8. Periodically through the year, the student will perform a memorized song at a Group Lesson, as well as at the Fall and Spring Studio Recitals (see the annual calendar).  During the two Recital weeks, no individual lessons are held, only Group and Recital; otherwise, Group meets in addition to the individual lesson that week. If the student has a schedule conflict, they may attend another group.

9.  Students may also perform at various regional competitions, local retirement centers, or other outreach activities. For those who choose to participate, performance fees will be added to the student’s tuition bill to register them in time for regional events.

10. I reserve the right at any time to discontinue a student’s lessons due to lack of preparation or failure to follow these policies.

I, _____________________________________, and I, ____________________________________________, have read

                    Parent/Guardian                                                                  Student(s)

the above policy on this day of __________________________, and agree to abide by it for the 2020-2021


academic year. My phone number for students to call to swap lesson times is: ______________________________.

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